Pelosi, Schumer Slam Trump for Using Oval Office to ‘Stoke Fear’

Key Takeaways from the Left

  • Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer address President’s speech, lay accusations against Trump that he didn’t tell truth
  • Pelosi to American political news sources: “President has chosen fear. We want to start with facts”
  • Schumer to national political news sites: American symbol is Statue of Liberty, “not a 30-foot wall”

President Trump Takes Swipe at Pelosi in Address to Nation: Some Politicians Say a Wall Is Immoral – Yet Have Walls Around Their Homes

Key Takeaways from Right

  • Trump Administration: “People don’t build walls because they hate people on the outside,” they love the ones inside
  • President calls out those against Trump policies, asks why politicians have big walls and fences around their yards
  • Political news articles report Nany Pelosi calls walls “immoral,” yet 65 countries have them