Graham: GOP Wants a Democrat ‘That’s Not Crazy’ for Shutdown Talks

Key Takeaways from the Left

  • Nancy Pelosi joked about giving a dollar toward the wall, Lindsey Graham took offense in interview to national political news
  • Lindsey Graham: Government shutdown talks won’t end until 2019 Democrats find someone not crazy to represent them
  • Graham says GOP candidates would be more willing to negotiate with the likes of Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin

Lindsey Graham On FIRE Over The Wall: We’re Not Gonna Give In To This Radical Left, EVER

Key Takeaways from the Right

  • Lindsey Graham to political news sites: Goals aren’t to open government, it’s to fix broken immigration system
  • Graham asks: why would Trump Administration negotiate with people who call them racist?
  • Democrats voted for border security in past, are just trying to go against Trump policies now