Kellyanne Conway On Sarah Sanders’ False Border Claim: ‘Everyone Makes Mistakes’

Key Takeaways from the Left

  • Kellyane Conway, one of the key Republican female politicians, defends Sarah Sanders’ false statements about thousands of terrorists crossing the borders illegally
  • Conway said it was “an unfortunate misstatement” and that Sanders has accidentally “conflated” multiple border reports from the Trump Administration
  • Sanders said nearly “4,000 known or suspected terrorists” had crossed into the US from Mexico last year, in reality they caught only 6

Kellyanne Conway: Sarah Sanders made an ‘unfortunate misstatement’ about terrorist apprehensions

Key Takeaways from the Right

  • Kellyanne Conway defended Sarah Sanders’ false claims as an “unfortunate misstatement”
  • Sarah Sanders claimed 4,000 known or suspected terrorists when the number is closer to 12
  •  The media was quick to scrutinize Sanders as a key female Republican politician representing the Trump Administration