Cornered: Trump escalates shutdown crisis

Key Takeaways from the Left

  • President Trump says the Trump Administration will declare a National Emergency over government shutdown
  • The government remains shut down because key democratic women in Congress like Nancy Pelosi refuse to budge on border wall spending
  • Trump rejected Democrats’ offer of $1.5b in funds to increase border security, none of which would be dedicated to a wall

Pelosi, Nielsen clashed during border-security meeting: ‘I reject your facts,’ House speaker said, according to report

Key Takeaways from the Right

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sparred over border security during the government shutdown
  • Pelosi, one of the most influential Democratic party female leaders, told Nielsen “I reject your facts” when Nielsen cited information about terrorists and criminals entering the country illegally
  • Trump has said that the Trump Administration might be considering declaring a National Emergency if the government remains shutdown