How the Latest Revelations About Paul Manafort Could Put Kellyanne Conway Under Mueller’s Scrutiny

Key Takeaways from the Left

  • New York Times: Paula Manafort shared American polls for Trump campaign with Konstantin Kilimnik
  • With Russian hacks of 2016 Democrats, they had enough info on all voters in Trump and Hillary Clinton election
  • Seeing as Kellyanne Conway is a pollster for Trump Administration, she might get caught in crosshairs

New York Times Forced To “Correct” Major Story On The Manafort Case

Key Takeaways from the Right

  • New York Times says ex Trump Administration manager, Paul Manafort, shared poll info with Russian oligarch
  • Newspaper says Trump election 2016 manager reached out to Oleg Deripaska, now-sanctioned Russian oligarch
  • Later, paper corrects themselves, American polls went to Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov